APOELLA accepts the following payment methods for the purchase of Products through the Website:

  • APOELLA accepts all Credit/Debit Cards as well as Prepaid such as Visa, Mastercard, and Diners and all transactions are made through Stripe's secure online payment service.
The Central Bank of Ireland has authorized Stripe PSP as an electronic money institution under reference number C187865. Stripe PSP does not offer any form of deposit or savings account. Stripe PSP is not part of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme or the Deposit Guarantee Scheme. To the extent the Services are Authorised Payment Services, Stripe PSP is the only provider of those Services. As the provider of Authorised Payment Services, Stripe PSP will be the only Stripe party liable to you for collecting payment proceeds from Transactions on your behalf, safeguarding those proceeds, and settling those proceeds to your User Bank Account or as you otherwise direct. Stripe is not a bank, and does not accept deposits.