Costa Navarino, the prime sustainable destination in the Med

From majestic dunes and glittering seas to ancient temples,

Costa Navarino is the place where nature is at its best and happiness can be found from each cobblestone to every corner. Created by a visionary, Costa Navarino is a destination of its own, where dreams can become a reality. 

The story of Costa Navarino is as old as Greece itself.

It was wise king Nestor, legendary ruler of ancient Pylos, who first gave meaning to the word ''hospitality'' when he befriended complete strangers. It is located in Messinia, in one of the most unspoiled and breathtaking landscapes in the Mediterranean waiting to host every world wonderer.


The New Peloponnesian escape with its unique stylish design inspired by the local architecture, will bring a new exciting energy to the area of Costa Navarino. The W Hotel opens its doors in Greece for the first time this July designed by Tombazis & Associates Architects in the new addition of the area, called Navarino Waterfront. 

Among the world's best golf resorts, with four signature golf courses within a maximum distance of 13km. Costa Navarino offers endless choices of sports and activities, plus great weather all year round.


APOELLA travelled to Costa Navarino in 2017 for the first time.


Plan your trip in Costa Navarino and discover your own personal heaven!