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Evi Grintela the designer and founder of the brand Evi Grintela The Shirtdress
talks about the brand's success and her life! 

Evi Grintela, the brand synonymous with timeless elegance and effortless style, is best known for its iconic shirtdresses. Designed by Greek fashion maven Evi Grintela, the brand has gained worldwide recognition for its unique interpretation of the classic shirtdress silhouette.
With her unique blend of Greek heritage and international influences, Evi has captivated the fashion world with her timeless and elegant designs.

Join us as we delve into her creative process, inspirations, and the journey that has brought her to the forefront of the industry.

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1) Welcome Evi! You are a professional with more than twenty years of experience in the fashion industry! From Editor in Chief to Fashion Designer... Could you share with us your story?

I loved fashion from a very young age. I studied at the Veloudaki school where I studied fashion design. However, my interest was wider, and I decided to take courses in ceramics and freehand drawing. Immediately after that I studied at the AKTO school where I did decoration and industrial design for 2 years. Alongside my studies, I worked at the Free shop where I became the manager of the store and was part of the team that established it and at that time it managed to become one of the most successful stores in the 80s. Along the way I opened my own store, where I designed and made the clothes. Shortly after, my career in magazines began.

My career in the field of fashion and the luxury market spans almost 25 years, having the experience of positions as Editor in chief at L'Officiel magazine and Style Director at Vogue Hellas and Life & Style, PR & Curator at international exhibitions, organizing international designer shows in Greece, etc. This prolonged experience and knowledge from the fashion industry has helped me develop a constant creative vision that adapts, keeps up and coordinates with the trends of the time.

When I decided to leave the publishing industry, I allowed myself to see things from the creator's point of view. During that period, the need prevailed to do things that fully express me and to use the knowledge I had acquired over the years on fashion and that is how Evi Grintela: The shirt dress was created.

2) You've already created an international brand in Greece with Evi Grintela. What an achievement! What's the story behind The Shirtdress?

I always loved shirtdresses, and always wore them in my own way. For me it is a timeless, essential piece in the wardrobe of every woman who has a sense of style and elegance.

Since I always loved shirts and shirtdresses, which I looked for in all fashion house, I decided to make a line for me and my friends. I used the best fabric quality for men's shirts and I had them handmade by local seamstresses, paying attention to all the details.

For me, the biggest inspiration was the iconic shirtdress created by Yves Saint Laurent in the 70's. He is the one who created the revolution in women's fashion and was the first to use male elements with the revolutionary Le Smoking collection in ’66 making the first tuxedo suit for women.

The shirtdress created by Yves Saint Laurent in ’71 had a memorable meaning. He freed women from fitted clothes and designed clothes borrowing elements from the men's shirt which were much more comfortable and wearable by younger generations and fashion enthusiasts.

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3) The shirtdress is a wardrobe staple no doubt! Is it a must-have for any woman, age or body type?

Women have always loved shirtdresses because they are a garment that gives timelessness, elegance while always maintaining a sense of style.

My thinking when we make shirtdresses is that they last over time, so that the mother can give it to her daughter, as women did in the past.

4) Can you share with us your inspiration behind the creation of your latest collection?

My travels in Asia and Africa inspired this collection. The color palette of the desert is the palette I used for this collection and is inspired by images from the Sahara Desert and the Berbers and Nomads living in the desert and the way the combine stripes and prints. One of the most famous Nomadic tribes of the Sahara Desert are the Tuareg, known for wearing many different colors with camel saddles and for the tie of the turban.

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5) What advice would you give to aspiring Greek designers who are just starting their careers in the fashion industry?

I would advise young designers who are now entering the fashion industry, before starting their own brand, to work in established brands that have been in the field for years so that they can learn and practice the practical problems of the field.

I would advise them to study the history of fashion a lot, to attend exhibitions, get involved with art and in general to have a wider education so that their inspiration can be much more substantial.

6) Which one is your favourite APOELLA destination?

I love all Apoella destinations but since one of my favourite islands is Crete, I would have to say the one in Daios Cove.

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7) What's in your weekend bag?

Especially from this summer my weekend bag would include an Eres brown swimsuit, our Valerie shirtdress from our SS23 collection in African print, our Valerie Lace and our linen set, in orange stripes. Also, I always have with me my favourite perfume, which is Lys Mediterranee, my Sisley sunscreen for the face, the Dior sunscreen for the body with monoi oil, flat sandals from Ancient Greek Sandals in nude colour and my favourite Bottega Venetta tortoise sunglasses.

Something I also carry with me in my weekend bag is a book, and right now it would be “The Myth of Normal” by Gabor Mate.

8) Which Greek artist inspires you?

The Greek artists who are a source of inspiration for me are Nikos Hatzikyriakos Gikas, the noble and romantic Konstantinos Parthenis, Yiannis Moralis and among the most modern, Aristides Lappas.

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9) Your ideal summer in Greece is...

The ideal summer for me is life by the sea, a lot of swimming, reading, the smell of sunscreen and fresh fish in a tavern on the beach as well as frozen watermelon.

I am always enchanted by the sight of sunset and the sound of the sea.

10) Your motto in life is...

“You will face many defeats in life, but never let yourself be defeated.” -Maya Angelou

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