Meet Phoebe Kyriaki

The founder and inspiring yogi behind ALADASTRA,

Phoebe Kyriaki is talking about her brand and her life.

Aladastra [Ala-d- Astra ] : translation: “pathway of stars”, composed by the words ala and astra. The word Ala has wonderful meanings in different cultures, in architecture though it signifies the small rectangular space before entering the altar of a temple. D’astra translates ‘of stars’ springing from the ancient Greek word for star , Aster.
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1) Hello Phoebe! Tell us your story. From law school to yoga, a pathway full of stars?

Hello team Apoella! I am indeed a trained environmental lawyer and avid yogi, I started practicing yoga around the time I started living in London and studying law amongst other things. My educational background enabled me to try and create something different, unusual and at the time quite niche, without fear of failure holding me back. With a clear vision to keep sustainability and environmental consciousness at the core of our business and product design, Aladastra was born. For me Aladastra, just as yoga, has brought much needed balance to my life. Having worked in consulting and fashion for many years, finally I am allowed to be creative and playful while engineering something functional. It has permitted me to bring together passions of mine that at first glance seemed irreconcilable. Art and law, manufacturing and sustainability, herbalism and sports, literally business and pleasure! I am ever so grateful, for this path has allowed me to feel free and happy in the longest working hours and constantly rewards me with bright moments. An amazing collaboration with an artist, a new product that has been living in the realm of ideas for months gets prototyped, and the brightest of them all, the smiles and enthusiasm of our most loyal supporters when we launch something new.

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2) Who is the ALADASTRA human?

Sophisticated, eclectic, conscious, fun and open. Not the easiest individual to please, however once you’ve gained their confidence they are yours forever. It’s the friend who looks for the perfect gift just to enjoy your smile when you open it! Our clan indulges in the luxury of quality and consciously appreciates all good things in life. We care about sustainability and ethical production.  We are dedicated to becoming the happiest version of ourselves. We make time for little rituals that improve our well being and help us learn to love ourselves deeply in a healing manner. Curious and open to new experiences, eager to learn and break through the surface of things, we travel and are appreciative of cultures, we relish all things unique, design and beauty is our second nature. In yoga we have discovered the beauty of breath and movement. We feel good in our own skin.

3) Is yoga for everyone? A must daily activity?

Absolutely, yoga is for everyone. As scrabble instructions say “suitable from 3 to 103”. Yoga can have a beneficial impact on your nervous system and state of mind. I would suggest a 10-minute practice in the morning before work. It is therapeutic and it Is easy, your body and soul have a natural tendency to enjoy proper breathing and a good stretch. No pressure should be put into practicing, but replacing your morning snooze with 4-5 asanas and some breath work can feel magical. If you can fit a couple of long yoga sessions in your week even better. The only advice i would give to first time practitioners is not to give up, like dance there are many types of yoga if the first one you tried was not a good fit try another one.

Pontus Yoga Mat

4) Tell us a few things about the inspiration behind APOELLA x ALADASTRA yoga mats.

The Pontus and Helius mats were our first bespoke collaboration and we absolutely loved the process. As with everything Apoella they were inspired by our beautiful home, Greece, and its 3 most striking ingredients, the sun, the sea and marble. We were inspired by the unique serene locations of Apoella and the soft, elegant aesthetic of its founder Christina. These juxtaposed with Aladastra’s yoga mat format, where alignments are used to improve and assist body posture, led to the creation of this beautiful pair.

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5) Which one is your favorite APOELLA destination?

For me it will have to be Costa Navarino, i just adore this part of Greece, Messinia’s combination of olive groves and crystal blue waters is remarkable. The amount of history, pristine nature, hikes that lead to waterfalls and national geographic worthy sceneries, there is just so much to love and explore.
Costa Navarino

6) What's in your weekend bag?

A selection of books, vitamins & supplements, an epic summer dress and platforms, linen and feather light cashmere shawls for breezy nights, that can double as après sea pareos. Too many bathing suits, a large canvas tote that I can use as extra luggage while pretending I did not overpack, Greek sandals, my favorite yoga mat for my morning practice and beach nap, a large straw hat and always a piece of Aladastra palo santo to clear the air.

7) Which Greek artist inspires you?

From the transformation of marble in the hands of Praxiteles to the sunsets of Hydra painted by Tetsis, Greek art knows no boundaries. Visionaries like Takis, who invented his own type of yoga, to the music of Xatzidakis that wakes my heart and the texts of Kazatzakis that melt it. I cannot choose, and because I can’t I will fit them all into a suitcase created by my favorite Alexis Akrithakis. 
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8) Your ideal summer in Greece is...

Boarding a sailing boat and embarking on an island hopping journey in the Aegean. Long swims in secluded beaches, reading books and eating figs under the canopy of salt cedars. Falling asleep by the lullaby of waves. Staying salty until dusk, feeling energized by the sun and the sea that no rest is needed. Dressing up fabulously for strolls and exquisite dinners around Chora, the center of most Greek islands, treasure hunting in local shops and dancing our hearts out, hugging friends and laughing under the smell of blossoming jasmin and fuchsia bougainvillea. “Everything good happens between the months of June and August”.
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