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Marie Raxevsky the founder behind Marie Raxevsky talks about
the brand's success and her life!
Marie Raxevsky founded her company in 2021 to share her love of fashion design by creating a personal family-inspired brand. Her joyful and colorful silhouettes in the collection are perfect for the beach. Beach Couture- a carefully curated - high-quality beachwear collection for kids, who wish to share more than love: a matching outfit!  
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1) Hello Marie! You recently launched your namesake family beachwear brand "Marie Raxevsky". What sparked this creation of yours?

My love for fashion was inherited by my mother and grandfather who have been in the clothing business for more than 50 years. From a young age, I was fascinated by the way clothing can express individuality and tell a story. I always dreamed of creating my own brand, with designs that would represent my aesthetics. Driven by my passion of creativity and entrepreneurship, I decided to launch Marie Raxevsky Beach Couture in 2021, carrying on my family's legacy. 

 2) You're a mother of two and have a family history in kid's fashion. How does it feel to be a designer now too?

Becoming a mother has undoubtedly been my most profound and cherished accomplishment. However, creating my own business and being the designer now too of Marie Raxevsky is both exciting and creatively fulfilling.

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3) Your kids beachwear collection is full of color and prints. How would you describe your brand's style and philosophy?

Marie Raxevsky is a family lifestyle brand, inspired by the eternity of family bonds. The brand symbol, four heart knot, represents family, love, friendship and loyalty. Beach Couture is collection of a carefully curated - high quality beachwear for kids and families, who wish to share more than love: a matching outfit!  The brand’s style is elegant-chic, romantic and with a modern twist.

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4) What do you hope children and parents experience when wearing Marie Raxevsky swimwear, and what are you trying to convey through your designs?

Marie Raxevsky is designed with love and care, destined to give you the sweetest memories and this amazing family picture that could make it to your living room.

5) The APOELLA x Marie Raxevsky exclusive starfish print is of course our favorite. Can you share with us your inspiration behind the design of it?

When creating the APOELLA starfish print we were inspired by the blue of the Greek islands and the turquoise of the Mediterranean, blending beauty and harmony with a playful and elegant design

Apoella x Marie Raxevsky Starfish Collection

Apoella x Marie Raxevsky Starfish Collection

Apoella x Marie Raxevsky Starfish Collection

 6) Which is your favorite APOELLA destination?

APOELLA in Costa Navarino is my favorite destination.

Costa Navarino

7) What's in your weekend bag?

The book 8 Rules of love by Jay Shetty, favorite hat by APOELLA, Marie Raxevsky swimsuit sets for the whole family.

8) Which Greek artist inspires you?

I am greatly inspired by Mary Katrantzou and what she has accomplished in her career.

9) Your ideal summer in Greece is...

Somewhere in the Greek islands as long as I spend it with my family.

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9) Your motto in life is...

Create, Inspire, Empower.

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