Meet Alexandra Koumba

Cutting-edge design meets traditional craftsmanship in the hand-woven home decor pieces by Alexandra Koumba. Her creations travel all over the world. From Athens in the Cycladic and Benaki Museums, to the Metropolitan Museum in New York.
Alexandra Koumba

1) Let’s start with something about you and your creation. What does the eye of Alexandra Koumba see when it comes to design?

Design nowadays is about making aesthetically inspiring decisions to help achieve a sustainable future on this planet. Also less is more.

2)Tell us about a project you’re most proud of?

The collaboration with the Metropolitan museum stores in the USA as a prestigious major organization and in terms of charity work and huge commitment for 3 years my brand was the official wholesale and retail distributor for the Special Olympic World Games in Athens 2011 for jewelry and accessories.
Alexandra Koumba

3) What does the word “sustainability” mean to you/ to the future of fashion?

It’s our only option and I can’t see why not invest all our conscious efforts and resources to save our planet, it is clear we are running out of time. Fashion reflects collective consciousness and being forward thinking fashion needs to support this cause. In my brand using upcycled materials connects my vision of the world to what I make with my life.

4) In what way does your Greek heritage influence your designs?

I am ancient inspired and honor nature in my designs accepting it as is, I try not to change anything I collect and incorporate in my designs as the main focus. My Greek heritage is an unconscious inspiration am proud of and is strongly present in all my work that is mostly archetypal; also aboriginal art and ancient Egyptian symbols influence my work.
Ikos Andalusia

6) What do you pack for a getaway?

Shorts, linen shirt, cashmere sweater, travel candle, raincoat, my perfume and one piece of jewelry, those that feel “home” in that moment, that changes of course depending on the moment.

7) Which Greek artist inspires you?

I love this question because my Greek heritage is embedded in me, and that includes all these unknown sculptors, folklore ceramists, byzantine hagiographers and poets that I see revealed when I design. In modern times I love Sklavos as a sculptor, Kavafis as a poet and Moralis as a painter, all three are purists in their genre.

8) Your ideal summer in Greece is...

From the cool breezy mountains to the isolated Greek bays you can visit by small kaiki boats, it’s about feeling free, no schedule, living the moment and eating pure Greek food, it is a healing process.
Meet Alexandra’s Koumba latest creations, the Wicker Collection. They are hand weaved in Greece, made from swimming suit yarn that she upcycle from swimwear factories' waste.
What a beautiful way to give this fabric a new purpose!