4 Summer Bags To Take You On Holiday

Apoella Bags

We’ve rounded 4 of the best options for your summer getaways.

Whether you're heading to the beach and you need a good carry-all tote, or you want to make a statement to your summer destination, we have a plethora of options for you.
These APOELLA bags range from summer classics to instant eyebrow raising with a series of matching accessories. It’s one of the warm season’s must-have pieces, so take a look and tell us what beach bag style speaks to you the most! Here’s our countdown.
The Raffia Bag Image

Not just for the beach, but a statement bag to take you throughout your entire summer season. All you need on a sunny day to feel like a fashion maven is a timelessly chic raffia bag ! And the best part is that they are all handmade in Greece.

Apoella Raffia Bags  

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1.Serifos Mini Bamboo Raffia Straw Bag  2.Andros Tote Bamboo Raffia Straw Bag  3.Andros Tote Bamboo Raffia Straw Bag  4.Ios Raffia Straw Clutch 

The Canvas Bag Image

The Canvas Beach bag is your go-to bag and always makes a splash. This all time classic choice is practical yet stylish and always a best-seller. Dare to try the newest piece of the collection, the Kefalonia hobo-bag - a beach to city bag. It truly matches every occasion.

Apoella Canva Bags
The Straw Bag Image
No one can take enough of the woven straw bags when summer finally hits. It instantly elevates your summer look and makes you feel like you’ve stepped in a resort. The true gems of the Cyclades collection, SifnosTinos and Kea are handcrafted in Greece, with leather-trimmed details and waiting to be presented in your next beach destination.
Apoella Straw Bags


The Riviera Bag Image

The Riviera Collection embodies the signature striped APOELLA aesthetic with the touch of its Greek heritage. The Riviera Beach bag is ready to carry your carefree summer vibes and all your essentials! This timeless tote has a matching Travel Bag to pair with and opts for a marine-chic all-time classic look.

Apoella Riviera Collection

Find them here

1.Riviera Canvas Tote Striped  2.Riviera Canvas Tote Striped  3.Riviera Canvas Mini Tote Striped  4.Riviera Canvas Travel Bag Striped  5.Riviera Canvas Vanity Case Striped  6.Riviera Canvas Vanity Case Striped

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